Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's Official...

Yayyyy..It's official..I created a blog..never thought I would one day own a blog. Why?? I remember a few years ago when I started to read people's blog, these were random blogs that I came accross online whilst searching for other things..there are actually a few that I loved reading and keep coming back to read and feel like I know them..and I people actually wrote about their life stories online for 'potentially' anyone and everyone to read. I hate the thought of some random people or even those that I know reading about my life 'secretly' LOL

I had a conversation about this with my good 'ol friend, Jua, she said maybe these people feel the need to write their feelings, just an outlet for very true..lately I've been feeling the 'need' to just write some random thoughts in a blog..So I thought I'll give it a go..I dunno yet if I will have much to tell or we'll see..

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