Friday, July 31, 2009

Snap-ez Eco-trainers

How could I be so excited about training pants?? I used to use cloth nappies when Aiman was a baby, but switched to disposable when we moved from Dublin to NZ. I sold most of my stash. I only kept 4-5 bumgenius. Have since sold the bumgenius as well.
We never thought we would see the day that Aiman would be toilet trained LOL because he always cheekily refuse whenever we asked him. One day, Robyn, his teacher at school just say, do you have some undies for Aiman at home? Just put some undies in his bag tomorrow tomorrow and I am going to try and trained him...Wallaaa..he wets his pants initially and soon realised that he doesn't like that sensation. He has had a few accidents since, but overall he is very good. I bet if we are the one who insist it, he would still refused.
Since now that he is a big boy, he is reluctant to wear nappies at night but of course he is not dry at night yet, if he is anything like me, it'll take a while yet LOL
I only have 2 cloth trainer paints at the moment,happy heiney and bummis. I bought another one recently from littlepickles, I thought I want to support local business, but I'm returning it tomorrow. I don't think it will work seeing that the hidden PUL inner only cover the wet zone, I think it will wick.Quite disapointed though because the designed is really funky.
Lots of people on diaperpin, diaperjungle and TBW rave about snap-ez trainers, so I took the plunged and ordered one to try. Can't be bothered to waste my time trying different brands from NZ. Seeing that NZD is quite low at the moment, it works out about $40+ NZD for one trainer ..gulp..quite expensive huh? ( I added extra snaps for greater adjustibility -$4extra) comes with a medium soker but I don't think it'll last him through the night, so just ordered some bamboo inserts from wigglebums. Hopefully this combo will solve my problem since it is pullups style.At the moment Aiman is not too fussy having to wear his 'happy heiney' but mummy don't like it because it is poofy!! Hopefully snapez is better, so I can sell the happy heiney :) Sounds expensive at the moment, but buying Pullups drynites at ~$1.30 each is more expensive. These trainers can be used for Aliya as well and I can maybe still sell it afterwards.Ayat nak bagi sedap hati :)

Bye bye maruyama....

My vatanai maruyama is all packaged up and ready to be sent accross the tasman. Sob sob..I am very attached to this wrap, bought it when I found out I was having a girl. Why did I sell it then?? Hmm I haven't used it for months. Trying to destash. What is the point of keeping something that is worth hundreds in my cupboard when I can sell it??

I rarely wrap anymore. We don't know if we are going to have #3 or not. Hmmm trying to convinced myself I made the right decision hehhehe..I also sold gypsy mama water wrap and storchenwiege leo natural yesterday. Not that attached to these wraps, though, I got leo natural through a trade between me and Esther, I traded my blue leo, my 1st ever wrap that introduced me to wrapping. Esther has since dyed it into purple. I must ask her if she still has it

Maruyama means sakura I think, because the colour resembling the colour of sakura.Bye bye sakura...

It not work

hahhaha apa tu??

As Aiman would say, Mummy 'it not work' he means "It's not working'

It is very interesting seeing how Aiman's English language is developing. We always try to speak malay at home.We want him to be able to speak both languages fluently. So when Aiman went back to Lollipop(his daycare) after I finished my maternity leave, the teachers said he was very quite initially. He played with his friends, but he won't talk. Now after a few months there, I can see that he is more confident in speaking in english..BUT, it's funny, it's like broken english

In some ways it is reassuring for me to find out that even those who speak English as their 1st language still have to learn the grammar. I always find English grammar very difficult to understand. I didn't have strong basic in english, I went to sekolah kampung, the teachers can't teach high level stuff, other students simply won't understand, staying in kampung also meant my option for English tuition are very limited, non existance in fact LOL. So I spend many hours trying to learn and understand the grammar on my own. One of my reason for wanting to study oversea was to improve my English. Weird huh..I guess I was brave, always the risk taker. Am very glad I did.

I would not say my english now is perfect, but much much better than what it used to be.I do still struggle some days (or is it most days????)

Going back to how we are hoping for Aiman to be bilingual, sometimes he gets confused and will mix them up hahah..quite funny like 'surat khabar' will be 'news khabar'

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Macam mana nak bagitau ni??

To my cleaner that is. Hmmm..mula2 dulu nak amek Pak Rahman, my husband dah tanya dah..but I thought Pak Rahman sure dah busy, umah K Pica, umah Zu and a few other doctors. Tapi tup2 Pak Rahman macam mengharap pulak..At the same time, I've asked this somalian lady, reccommended by Aliya's babysitter..konon2 nya dia kata dia ni rajin...

But, I don't know what she does, I don't think I am getting the value for my money hmmm...I paid her $15/hr, which is the going rate in Hamilton. I ask her to come for 2 hrs/week. I didn't really list down for the things that she should do, I just said kitchen, living area, and both bathrooms. I told her she only has to do the 'kids' room, not our room or DH's study. But macam x puas ati..even my DH yg x fussy about stuff pun macam x tau what she does in the 2 hrs that we paid her..she doesn't do basic stuff like cleaning the microwave..haiya..susah la ini macam, I don't want to spell to her what she should do, nanti nampak macam bossy pulak..kalau mat salleh, senang la, ini muslim. Nak ambik mat salleh, x berani la pulak, takut nak bagi kunci rumah kat org sebarangan

Tapi, since dah bayar kan..biar la berbaloi..dah tu, haritu tanya dia, nak bayar macam mana, cash ke? Dia suh bank in every 4 weeks, I can be bother nak tanda kat calender bila nak bayar etc, so bagitau la kat dia, I will ban in automatically every 4 weeks, kalau dia miss one/more sessions sebab sakit ke hapa ke, pepandai la dia cove the hours..dah la kalau dia x mai dia boleh x call pun, bila tanya gelak2 kata dia x dak no tipun la ...dah tu x nampak pun apa extra yg dia buat konon2 nak cover the hours tu..

Hiyaaa pining pining..weekend ni nak pi tanya Pak Rahman la kot..nak amek dia, Pak Rahman ni telinga x dgq sgt, so x bleh main telepon saja heheh

Tapi macam mana nak bagitau si minah somalia ni x payah mai dah..hu3

Dia ni bukan la amatur sgt, cuma she never does private cleaning, she is a comercial cleaner..sebab tu x reti nak buat house cleaning kot??

All my TNN friends yg mmg professional housecleaners pun kata she should get more done in the 2 hrs...

Nursery rhymes

I am not familiar with English nursery rhymes as my mum never sang them to me, in fact I can't recall even her singing malay rhymes with us.I know just the very common ones like twinkle twinkle little star, london bridge and old macdonald. I went to Tadika Kemas kat kampung, so again, no English nursery when my son started coming home and asking me to sing along with him..I had to learn all the last year when I was on maternity leave,I took him to the playcentre and the playgroup sessions at our local library. I will post some our favourites that we long singing together

Incy wincy spider

Incy wincy spider climbed out the water spout
Down came the rain and washed poor incy out
Out came the sunsine and dried up all the rain
So incy wincy spider climbed the spout again


One..two..three,four, five
Once I caught a fish alive, nine,ten
Then I let him go again

Why did you let him go?
Because it bit my finger so
Which finger did he bite?
This little finger on my right

Row,row,row your boat

Row, row,row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merilly,merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
If you see a crocodile
Don't forget to scream

The wheel on the bus

The wheel on the bus go round and round, round and round,round and round
The wheel on the bus go round and round, all through town

The wiper on the bus go swish swish, swish swish,swish
The wiper on the bus go swish swish swish, all through town

Repeat and substitute with anything we can imagine..I love this song, really fun

The conductor on the bus says ticket please, ticket please, ticket please
The passenger on the bus stand up sit down, stand up sit down, stand up sit down
The baby on the bus cry waaa waaa waaa, waaa waa waa, waaa
The granny on the bus goes knit knit knit, knit knit knit, knit knit knit
The mommy on the bus goes chatter chatter chatter, chatter chatter chatter, chatter chatter chatter
The driver on the bus says move along please

Sometimes I'll replace it with Aiman on the bus picks his nose/stand up sit down/whatever I could think of, and he hates it :)

Head,shoulder knees and toes

Head, shoulders, knees and toes,
Knees and toes
Head, shoulders, knees and toes,
Knees and toes and eyes
and ears
and mouth
and nose
head,shoulders,knees and toes

5 little ducks

WHen I 1st heard this song, I don't like it actually, I found it boring, then it grew on me and Aiman love it

5 little ducks went swimming one day
Over the hills and far away
Mother duck says 'quack quack quack'
But only 4 little ducks came back

Repeat with each time reducing the number of ducks that went swimming and those that came back

the last one, when mother duck says 'quack quack quack'

All 5 little ducks came back

Will write more when I have time

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bilaaaaa la nak sampai niii........

Hari tu masa pi Sydney, I went to the Rocks Market with the kids when DH was away at the conference. Masya Allah I could have spent a fortune there!! I love it. Lots of unique stuff. One stall especially caught my eye, tapi I resisted myself..nak jimat la konon since dah banyak spend duit jalan2 plus I have already bought a white leather coach handbag

Tapi bila balik dok asyik teringat2 la pulak..especially the shower cap tu, tiap2 pagi mangkit nak mandi mesti teringat2 :) so I said to myself, bila masuk kja balik, I will try and see if I can find their website..Cari punya cari tengok2 jumpa..
so I took the plunge and ordered:

Sunglasses case -Japanese doll/pink

Shopping Tote with Zipper -China doll

Keychain -Streets of Paris

Shower Cap-Cherries Black

Mini Hot Water -Red star (yg ni free)

So 2 weeks after I put the order, sampai la bungkusan on my doorstep, PUNYA la happy..bukak2 tengok2 dia silap hantar barang hu3..They've sent me other customer's order!!!! Frust gilaaaa. Org tu order eco tote and shower cap in strawberry sundae plus 2 luggage tags..

Huwaaaaaaaaa..after several emails to them, minah tu ask me to post the item to the original customer, she'll pay the postage plus will give me some voucher for the trouble..I bet dia pening kepala, ya la ..barang tu patut hantar ke Queensland, hentam pi hantar ke NZ, and now I have to re send it back to Oz..hmmmmmm

Lepas tu dia kata my stuff next week baru sampai..huwaaaaaaaaaa

I want my shower cap esp....


Since having kids we find it really hard to have time together as a couple. We work in the same hospital, so whenever possible, we will try and have lunch together, our catch up time so we could have uninterrupted conversation.

Lately, we been going out of the hospital to have lunch. See I am doing home hospital, I have a mobile where the nurses can call me on and since my patients are all at home, I don't need to be on site for far we've been to Shinjuku, Curry Pot and Salma's Rasoi..

I would love to go out for dinner, but I feel guilty to leave the kids with baby sitter. Dah la siang kja, kena tinggal, malam/weekends pun nak kena tinggal jugak ke? But I do think it is necessary for us to have some adult time

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Specialist or Generalist??

Hmmmmm.. when I decided to do medicine, I thought I wanted to be an Obstetrician. I just love the specialty. I still do. But since we decided to have kids 1st before completing my exams I have realised that I have to sacrife A LOT of my time with my family if I want to pursue it ie-be an obstetrician. Lots of on calls, weekends, nights etc. Honestly don't know how I would manage with the kids without any family support whatsoever, esp since DH is studying as well

Having done 6 months of paeds attachment, I am surprised to say that I love it as well!! Well if you know me at med school, you'll know that I hate paeds!! I sulked big time when I was allocated paeds med at Elgin Hospital as my medical run in final year. Still remember those days!!

But again, doing paediatrics means a lot of work, I think it is hard since both of us are doctors. Juggling our long days and weekends so they don't clash etc...

Hence I decided to try pathology..tapi ....lambat la pulak Waikato Hospital nak dapat accreditation!! Buhsan dah buat house surgeon/sho jobs..

Sampai la satu hari ni, my collegue Vidya tanya, x apply for GP training ka? They are opening right now (this was last month)..macam it meant to happen la pulak because I never looked on theGP website, x tau pun nak tgk kat mana..

so balik la discuss ngn my DH, kalau ikutkan dia mmg dari dulu he wants me be to be a GP, but I wasn't interested..I hate the stigma that is attach to it..dunno I feel like hospital doctors suka peleceh GP for sending silly cases..but YES kadang2 GP ni pun satu, nak lari dari kerja hospital, tapi x cukup experience, so entah apa2 la cases yg depa hantaq mai hosp!! I don't want to be those GPs. I honestly felt sorry for their patients. I want to be a good one!! AND I feel like people go to see the GP for sometimes ridicolous things and expect answers :rolleyes:

Anyway..I've applied..interview 5/8 we'll see..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My kids and sleep

Honestly..the thing that I hate most about parenting/bringing up kids is when it come to putting them to sleep..

I dunno why but it is always difficult to get them to sleep and stay asleep. Aiman is not too bad now that he is bigger, but getting Aliya to sleep at night (and during the day) is still a battle. She needs me (or rather my boobie) to put her to sleep. It gets tiring after a while. I have not had a break from this putting kids to sleep thing ever since Aiman was born. Even when I was doing night shift, I had to put Aiman to sleep before I left the house.

When Aliya was born, I vowed that I will not fell into the trap of feeding her to sleep, but lo and behold..when I went back to Malaysia on my own with the kids, out of desperation because DH wasn't there to help, I fell into the trap again....

It is very tiring... I need a break...

As I am typing is almost 1030pm, I had put Aliya to sleep earlier at 7pm because she was sleepy, he usual bedtime is between 8 to 830pm. She was asleep by 730pm, so I thought..yay I had a few hours to do what I want to do. So I cooked caramelised chicken wings for tomorrow's dinner..then I heard her voice upstairs!!!!!! Crying at the gate..arghhhhhhhh..

i've been trying to get her to sleep since..

It's sunday night and I was hoping the kids will sleep early so that I ca have some time to myself, catch up with housework etc..sigh..