Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is he??


Tadi tgh chat dgn Neri kot FB, syok2 chat sebab lama x chat, makan tahun la jugak

tiba2 aiman nangis..rupanya dia muntah..

Adoila..dear hubby said kalau aiman demam esok, dia x boleh cuti, sebab depa la ni x cukup org..

Esok is my teaching day, topic tomorrow is Adolescent. I don't want to miss it if possible..

Hopefully esok Aiman ok, kalau tak, terpaksala mummy ponteng teaching :(

My heart breaks..

Each time I dropped Aiman at daycare

Semalam mangkit pagi dia tanya daddy, Can I stay at home today? I thought it was monday blues..
Bila pi hantaq dia macam x dak mood

But pagi tadi pun x berapa nak mau pi

Dah byk kali tanya bila dia boleh pi big school

I feel terribly guilty..

My priority have changed so much, dulu, my aim was to become a specialist, nak jadi gynae or paediatrician, ramai org tanya awat buat GP, awat x ambik benda lain..

I want too, but I will also have to sacrifice a lot of family time, these specialties are more 'demanding' and less flexible, kena buat calls, nights etc..yes, I will have higher earning potentials..but I want more time for my kids when they still need me..nanti dah besar,dah independent, dah x heran dah kat mummy, waktu tu la baru mummy habis study, baru ada masa untuk depa

I don't understand why a certain family member frowned upon at me when I took long unpaid leaves to look after Aiman and Aliya when they were born..

Yes, our parents worked when we were small, but they never had to leave us to 'orang luar' or daycare like my children had to go through.

Me and my brother were looked after by our grandparents. So were noorwan and his sister. My sister was looked after by a really nice family, and so was noorwan's sister..

I wish Aliya and Aiman won't have to go through this dilemma with their children.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Skinny dip where art thou..

I literally screamed (with joy) when I saw that familiar LUSH logo when I saw Te Awa's opening adds. The Awa is the new shopping area that is being built at Te Rapa. Phase 1 dah siap, opening day was last thurs, so dia iklan la dalam paper. One of of the shop is LUSH!!!

I got addicted to LUSH on my uni days kat Aberdeen. Some of their products are utterly weird, but they smell divine! If you're not familiar with their stuff, going to their shop for the first time can be very overwhelming..sensory overload..

The first ever stuff that I bought was a bar of karma soap. Boy, I was pleasantly shock when I took it home. My whole bathroom smelt nice when I had the shower. Karma is a bit hit and miss though, either you like it or you don't

I even managed to get my dear hubby to use some of their soaps, to my surprise he still remember middle earth :) Sadly LUSH don't make them anymore :(

When we were moving to NZ, I knew they are a few branches in NZ, but not in Hamilton, so I always order online or visited they store when I was in Adeilade and Sydney. Normally kalau order online, will order conditioner to last me a few months at least. Last sekali order just before christmas last yr, so lama dah la jugak..

I have many favourites..

Skinny dip is one of my favourite item from LUSH esp in winter. Initially they make it in shower gel form, then change it to shower cream BUT now..as I have found out today, they have discotinued it altogether!!! Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Kalau kat UK, at least you sometimes can special order discontinued items through their forum, if they get enough orders, they'll whipp out a batch untuk sapa2 yg order..tapi kat sini mana nak cariii..huhuhu..sedihnya la..punya lama tunggu LUSH mai Hamilton ni..

Tadi beli figs and leaves, floating island and demon in the dark for dear hubby, ni dia yg nak...x boleh beli banyak2 la..mahal :(((

He said I should locum so I could buy LUSH..LOL

My bathroom now has that familiar LUSH smell again :)