Monday, October 12, 2009


Last weekend, no more open house for us, so we continue our search pre raya, looking for a house. Last weekend we visited 9 open homes I think. I fell in love with one and DH fell in love with one.Masalahnya..2 rumah yg berlainan..his house is cheaper by 10k

Petang tadi pi ronda2 tgk both sekali lagi, from the outside..Intai2 bilik etc, both umah tu kosong, so boleh la intai..yg satu tu owner dah pindah ke Auckland, yg satu lagi pulak umah baru, x siap lagi..

Dua2 ada buruk baiknya..macam mana ni? The one that I like (Magellan Rise) is 'slightly' more expensive than what we are willing to pay for, but better in quality (smaller in size though!) I like the lay out, it is us to the T, I can see us living there. The one that DH likes (Christobel Circle), bigger and cheaper (inside and outside), but I 'think' it is cheaper because of the building materials, steel roof not tiles, half of the house is plastered not brick yada yada...but the one that he likes is double glazed!!!! Major points there!! The house will defo be warmer! My one is single glazed only, plus the master bedroom and study don't get a lot of sun. We will have to install a heatpump if we buy that plus it is not fully fenced, so more expenses there...huhuhuhuhu.. mana nak cari duit ni?? Lambat lagi nak boleh locum..alhamdullilah I have an opportunity to earn some extra this week, can put it towards the house buying process

Thinking of putting an offer on the one that I like but we have only been looking for a few weeks, what if there is better/cheaper one out there??

We are planning to go and have a second visit this friday, before Aliya's operation and quite likely will be putting an offer. If we can negotiate a price that we can afford, will quite likely buy that one..if not..kena cari yg lain lah...back to the drawing board..

Praying for a miracle..If it is meant to be it will be..InsyaAllah

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