Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mana updates??

A lot of the things that are lingering on my head did not materilised it onto this blog


My mood of late has been about my worries about my exams, my guilt of having to send my kids to be looked after by someone else yada yada..

Nothing fun about it to write about..

We did do something really fun though last weekend. A group of us malaysian went for a ski/snow playing trip. Best, jalan ramai2, sewa rumah, duduk ramai2, masak2 etc

Ramai anak2 kawan yg sebaya dgn aiman, so they are busy entertaining themsleves, so parents are free to borak2 & relax. I hope we can do it more often. For me, it's like giving the kids some 'family' environment that they are missing by being away from relatives in malaysia, like having aunties/uncles/cousins to play with

I've come round in a circle- dah rasa hidup di oversea sebagai seorang single, with no responsibility, then married without kids, then now having the kids..I can see the reflection of what family2 kat Aberdeen dulu had gone through now in my life.. teringat kat kak mahmudah and the geng..byk dah x igt nama..

When you're abroad, your countrymen are your family. I really don't understand why setengah2 org x suka bercampur dgn rakyat negara sendiri when they are abroad..


~*as*~ said...

Salam Fidz,
Akak pun rasa trip kita aritu penuh makna.. Dpt ilang rasa rindu kat sedara mara kat msia nun.. lagi 1 lepas gak sket stress2.. yg ptg ank2 happi kan.. Btw, x leh lupa kek prune & sambal jawa fid itu.. sgt2 sedap..

~ f i d ~ said...

salam k as, betul kan..mmg best trip tu, we should make it a regular thing, once a yr at least..rasa macam berkumpul adik beradik..wahhh k as, puji kek prune, boleh tahan lagi,tapi org jawa asli puji sambal jawa yg dibuat dek org x jawa ni..that's an honour hehehe