Monday, March 28, 2011

Long may it lasts

Alhamdullilah, the scale is finally tipping to the left!
Left shift, woohooo..x sia-sia usaha suci murni ku at the gym
Still a lot to lose, but 3kg is good for a start, hopefully my brand spanking new salter electronic scale is not lying. Siap beli scale tu, I don't even own a scale before hehehhe
1st month dok pi gym tu, weight static, I have to keep reminding  myself that I am building my muscle
Will power to avoid unhealthy food is getting better
Must remind myself this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fit crash diet

I don't think I 'look' any different  yet, but jeans are definitely getting looser :)


JJay said...

bagus bagus..jelesnya..
lasat week aku naik la scale...dah best dah sebab 50kg jek..rupanya scale tuk salah setting..bila uat setting yg betul..nah..53kg..extra 3kg..huk huk huk

~ f i d ~ said...

alahai Jjay adik ku sayang, even turun 3 kg pun..jauhhhhhhhhhh lagi nak sampai berat jjay yg 'berat' tu huhuhuhuh..

tapi x pa, slow and steady wins the race