Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Discharged from the hospital

Monday, 36 hrs after giving birth to my lovely Ammar mummy was discharged home leaving behind my precious baby under the care of staff in NICU

I did not go home straight away,noorwan came to pick me up, we went up for lunch. He chose Nizam,It was a weird feeling, I was there just the day before Ammar was born. I had a sudden craving for their biryani was in the area to pick up sheer curtain that I had ordered from curtain studio

Less than a week.I was there again, this time as a non pregnant lady :) 
Actually when I was there by myself, I had actually started bleeding already

After lunch daddy dropped me back to NICU so I could do his 2.30 feed. The usual routine, feed,a quick cuddle, pump, then I hang around for the next feed which was 5.45pm

I made small chats with few ladies and befriend some, this made me feel better and less bored

I had ordered medela freestyle that morning, checked the tracking number and to my delight, it had arrived in hamilton!! I requested for it to he sent to the depo instead of my home address

Daddy was in chartwell with aliya & aiman buying a teddy for ammar's incubator

I asked him to come and pick us up so we could go to courier post

Once we picked that up, daddy mentioned that aliya's ear is a bit smelly, and he wanted to get abx for it. Poor aliya has had OME with perfusion but we kinda ignore it because she was not in pain. Seeing that we were soo close to SCH where I worked, we dropped by to get a script. Lisa,Bex & Ali were there. Chatted to them abt what had happened etc. Got a script for aliya, did a swab. Went to SCHP to get her ear drops & came back to hosp to feed ammar then we all left

I was a bit emotional that night, being home sans baby, had a good cry of course

The thing that kept me going is a vision of my obstetric pt on wd 55 going home with a still born child in a carseat! They insisted on doing it that way. It was a sad occasion for us. I am grateful that my baby is alive! He is just unable to come home yet

That Night I started my routine of pumping every 3 hrs


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