Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lost of momentum

Adoila..since my last entry yg malas nak study tu..I haven't studied at all!!!!!!!!
So lack of momentum laa..
Rasanya sebab seminggu cuti dok umah jaga aiman and aliya yg kena chicken pox,so I wasn't in the working mode, tu yg rasa I have no drive to study tu..rasa pandai hahahhaha

Kalau pi kerja, dapat patient macam2, ada yg I can solve ada yg dak, so from there barula terserlah my inadequecy, baru la rasanya keperluan untuk study tu

Ni esok I'm going to Sexual Health Clinic,baru nak terhegeh2 bukak buku baca...

Alhamdulillah both kids dah recover from CP. Aiman especially. Dia punya CP x teruk sgt, x teruk lgsg actually.He just had a few spots here and there saja, gatal2 pun sat saja,overal he was unwell for about 24hrs. Tapi yg kesian aliya, baaaaaaaaaaanyakkkkkkkk sgt vesicles dia.She was literally covered with vesicles. She got it EVERYWHERE. In her ears,on her back,trunk,legs,arms,face,neck, between her natal cleft,genital areas.She was unwell for the whole week. She scratches away non stop,poor thing :( And now she has the scabs all over her body and she keeps scratching the scabs :(