Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gone are the days..

Where I can eat like a horse but not look like an elephant :(

Session 3 at the gym so far,lama mana nak rajin pi tak tau la..for this 2 weeks my programme is aimed at cardio work out only..
10 mins on bike
10 mins on x trainer - seksa nak mampus yg nih!!
10 mins on rowing machine -yg ni patut aim for at least 2000min 10 mins, baru boleh buat setakat 1650m max huhuhuhu
20 mins on threadmill

On the bright sight..pre birthday treat for myself, post gym massage :)
On the not so bright sight, no babysitter, hence, x boleh kuar together gether with dear hubby tgk wayang ka dinner ka uhuk uhuk..

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