Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New phase in our life..

Starting from today..there will be many new changes in our life

Hari ni Aiman 1st day of school, dah besar dah anak mummy, it's a cliche I know..but how time flies, sekejap saja rasa, dah besar dah Aiman. I don't think he fully understands it yet. Somehow, rasa berat nak lepas dia pi sekolah. Bukan sebab x pernah berpisah, kat daycare lain, kat sekolah he has to be more independent..

Hari Rabu pulak berakhirlah my unofficial cuti, unofficial sebab cuti x bergaji hehhehe..it is time to go back to work and earn some moolahhh..  dah berminggu2 dok berpoya2 sambil menghabiskan duit.  I will be working at the place where I did my registrar year, but this time as their paid contractor, so rasa lain la jugak, my relationship with the practice manager, with board member etc will be different..rasa pelik pulak, thinking that these people will be paying my salary..not DHB

Kena deal with 15 mins apts...hmmm new challenges in life

And tomorrow will be Aliya's 1st day at daycare.Selama ni she was looked after by a sole homebased carer and she has developed a strong relationship with her,I hope she will do fine at daycare

Minggu ni jugak, will mark new career path for dear hubby..his work routine will be different...

Allof us need to find new routine..need to get used to new changes and challenges in our life. May Allah guide us


makcikrehan KJB said...

semoga smeuanya berjalan lancar :)

~ f i d ~ said...

TIma kasih MR, so far semuanya berjalan lancar..

walaupun battery keta aku flat pagi tadi, masih sampai kerja on time heheheh..alhamdullilah