Monday, January 16, 2012


It's 1.32 am, I couldn't sleep, blaming the mochalatte with double espresso that I had this arvo. Hungry now. My old me would runsack the kitchen. Would be helping myself to a plate of rice with ikan bilis goreng and chilli oil -something that I always have in the cupboard and forever enticing me to a plate (or two) of white steaming rice

But my new me?? Tahan aje la lapar sampai esok pagi. What would greet me tomorrow morning?? Hmm for the last ?? 6-7 months I think, I have been having 2 eggwhites, poached, with 2 piece of toast for breakfast, I even tried that for sahur ok! BUt for sahur I cannot telan lahhh, nasik jugak mauuu...why that combo?? It keep my hunger pangs at bay, no need to eat anythingelse till lunchtime

But working days je laaa, weekend ku sumbat nasi lemak, bihun goreng jugakkkkk

Kriukk kriukk perut ku berbunyi...

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