Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mid life crisis???

I have tried a few concealers before, mainly in my uni years, last attempt was 2 yrs ago, got succumb into buying thin lizzy, mainly because thanks to k hanim and k jun auckland, I can get them at 1/2 of the retail price, so I thought no harm in trying.
Most of the concealers that I've tried either gave me panda eyes, or simply didn't give the coverage that I am after

Entah macam mana la tetiba terasa gatal nak cuba lagi, I hate hate my dark circles. Did a bit of research, apprently MAC has a lot of colour range and do cater for asian skin, they have a few branches in Auck, so I dragged DH and the kids to JJCM (roti tisu!!!) Plus MAC hunting

Having done my reading beforehand, I was convinced NC35 (colour)would be the one they'd reccommend, so I was surprised when she reccommended NW35 instead, now, I am no expert, but apparently NC has yellow undertone which I have always understand is best for asian skin.NW on the other has has pink undertone which is more suited to caucasian skin. But she said because my dark circle is quite bad (roll yes huhu) the yellow undertone would make it stand up even more. She also said that I only need 'select cover' range .Studio finish would be too thick. I am quite glad I had made the trouble to go to the store, I might have saved some moolah by buying online, buy will buy a completely wrong one!

I was prepared to buy a foundation as well, but ahem ahem, to my delight, she said I don't need one because my skin is good already, a powder will do. Unless I want to go for super made up look, which is not what I am I bought a concealer, powder (mineralize skinfinish natural)  + a lipstik ( lustre viva glam V) .I like that the lipstick gave me that nude, barely there look

DH said muka x nampak jelaga dah bila pakai ni, not sure what he meant by jelaga??? Dark circles la kot???

Lepas ni boleh la slowly try blusher plus eye makeup pulak hihihi, tadi try mascara, but I didn't buy

Midlife crisis?? Buang tabiat kot hihi

Tata for now

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