Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh dilemma

My gym membership is expiring soon, in a few weeks time to be exact. Not sure if I am going to renew it. I had been going diligently for at least 9 months. Do note the past tense. I have been really slack in the last 2 months though. Initially because of my minor operations, then followed by christmas & new year (gym tutup) can't seem to get my momentum back

I have seen results though.I haven't lost much weight, maybe about 6-7 kgs, BUT I have lost a lot of inches which I am very happy with, so overall I am very please with it.I have gone down from size 14 to 10! how do I maintain it if I decided not to go to the gym anymore???

Going to the gym do take a LOT of my time. Do I enjoy it?? Want an honest answer or not?? Not really lahhhh apa daaaaa, tdo lagi sedap daaaa

Recently I have come accross a lot of other cheap exercise opportunity that combines social factor as well, fitness class at a cost of a gold coin donation ($1-2) weekly badminton session @ $7 a session, walking buddies (FOC) tennis buddies (FOC) I dont know how to play tennis though, LOL

GYm membership will cost me $700+, which is a LOT of money.But I do want to continue doing some strength training though,cardio is easy, can 'try' and start running again, badminton will provide me with the cardio bit, the fitness class is mix of both, but I think I need more -if I do want more muscle bulk

My diet has changed a LOT as well, on a working days especially.  I would cringe at the thought of eating some of the food that I am eating now, esp for lunch at work, being in a health professional world does help a teeny weeny bit. Not when I was working at the hospital though. We get our lunch for free at the hosp, so we stuffed our tray (and face FULL of food hehe) But where I am working now, everyone seems to bring & eat healthy stuff. Weekends are a bit tricky. Can't resist the temptations to cook my favourite food and eat a Little bit more than usual but must enjoy life and have a balance right???

I am thinking of doing some DIY strength training at home. But I need to invest on some equipments.I already have an exercise ball somewhere in the garage, need to hunt for it, already have yoga mat & skippping rope, I would need a set of dumbbells + a step, I reckoned this will cost me at least ?? $130, cheaper than a gym membership though, right???

The thing is, can't even get them cheaper on trademe since everyone is still on the new year's resolution mood..hmmmmmmm...I don't even know what 'weight set' do I need, must consult Laura, our monday fitness class instructor

Tata for now, enough ramblings

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