Saturday, August 1, 2009


Iam sat here blog hopping and browsing FB whilst trying to put my little darling Aliya to sleep for her morning naps. Looking at friends pictures and stories how they spent their weekends.

Those overseas, NZ especially tend to spend their weekend doing outdoor activities, even in winter. GOing to the park, lake etc..But a good percentage of my frind in Malaysia tend to spend their weekends browsing the numureous malls in KL/Selangor and at the same time..enjoying the various fine dining opportunity.

I do miss it sometimes but there is no malls that is really worth my time here in Hamilton. I only go if I specifically want to buy something. Browsing?? nahh..not a lot of choice. If we feel the need to have some city fix, we normally head to Auckland

Which lifestyle do I prefer though? here I think..

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