Friday, August 28, 2009

Home sick

No, not missing Malaysia..but I am missing my prev 'run' I had a great time in THHS, good banter with the nurses, I love what I do, get on well with the consultants etc etc

I went back to say hello on the 1st monday after I left LOL. And keep getting this pull to want to go there for a quick chat with them, I would if I am not fasting,I'd go for a quick coffee

Today is my 5th day in pscyh ward, I am really missing THHS. I doesn't help that Kay only approved my raya leave only for 1 day, I am working on this though.Mesti minah tu tgh bengang padaku muahhahahahha (kena tulis melayu yg'll never know :)

The atmosphere is just not the same, I meant to be doing this for 6/12, I can barely last 3/12 hu3...Highly considering to see Paul and see if he can swap me.To prepare me for GPEP I know I should ideally ask for cardio/respi but sooo malas la nak buat long day and weekends hu3..rasa nak mintak buat THHS balik laaaaa...hopefully ada kosong

Psych is actually less busy than THHS, hari2 boleh balik ontime, mai pun lambat..tapi..I'm happier in THHS..

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