Friday, August 7, 2009

My interview

The interview was OK. I thought it was going to be easier though, based on other people's experience in the previous years

They said my interview time is at 0830-0920, 40 mins, I thought they were being generous and no way they were going to make me talk that long..ermm I was wrong, they did. I walked in at 0830 and walked out of the room at 0920!!

Non of the questions were about my CV (which I memorised by heart the night before-including a journal on Cows Milk Protein Allergy lol) The 1st thing one of the panel said was the questions were standardised so that everyone accross the country has a level playing ground, fair enough, but I knew then, none of the questions would be about my CV.

I couldn't remember all of the questions, they were too many and some that I didn't expect

1) Why GP, standard question of course

2) What have I done to prepare myself to become a GP - I messed up on this question, silly me

3) What is my expectation of a consultation

4) What do I expect to learn/gain from GPEP training

5) How do I deal with stress at work?

6) What do I do to keep myself up to date with medicine apart from reading/studying

7) Who has influence/change/shape my medical practice (I could talk about collegue/cases/pts)

8) Do I have a collegue that I can ask for advise/help/anything

9) Maori health care questions

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