Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got the job..

Alhamdullilah, I got the GP registrar job that I went for the interview for. That means I will start the training at end of February next year. Meantime, I will do 6/12 of psych run..yikes..some people think I am crazy for opting to do psych for 6/12, but there are only very few runs that won't need me to do long days and weekend
A collegue asked me at lunchtime today why didn't I want to do oncology/haematology/palliative run because then I have no long days, only weekends..hmm dunno, I just don't feel comfortable working alongside my husband.I have never have to before. Yes, we won't be doing the same specialty because he is in radiation oncology, but still on the same ward nonetheless

This is the last week for me in The H@me H@spital Service. I am quite sad to leave, I love it!

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