Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art or pure laziness???

Tidy house that is!!

I wouldn't say my house is a pure mess, but definitely not tidy LOL

As much as I would like to blame my two little munchkins for the messy house, I think I may have some (major) role in the untidyness of the house. Surely I 'could' and 'should' tidy up after each mess? Spend all my time cleaning up, picking up toys..No? Do I not have nothing better to do? If I can spend some time browsing the internet, spending time on FB, bloghopping etc surely I can use the time to clean/tidy the house, yes?? I don't know..

By the time I reached home from work, there's cooking to do, laundry, study etc etc..

From my very limited observation, we people/women have certain abilities/things that we are good at or simply don't like doing. For instance, some people are very good at cooking, but dont like cleaning the house or simply not very good at it. My auntie for example, she is very good at decorating her house, her house is always well kept, but she is 'slightly' lacking in coooking department in comparison to my other auntie who is a reasonably good cook but on the other hand not very good at house management. Though, yes there are some people who are good at both, all rounder..lucky them

I am not artsy myself. Always struggle in 'pendidikan seni lukis' ever since I was a child and am still struggling to keep/make my house looks like those in the magazine. Sigh.......

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