Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mummyyyy...Stop marah meeee...

That is what Aiman kept saying to me since saturday..

My husband was working over the weekend, so it was left to me to look after the kids on my own. I normally get a bit stress about this. I was fine when I only had Aiman to look after, but ever since Aliya comes along, I always struggle to occupy them....

Both of them are obviously at a differenmt developmental stage, Aiman is fairly independent but yet does not have the understanding why adik kept ruining his train track, lego creations etc etc..where as Aliya is too small still to understand the meaning of 'no, don't ruin abang's train track' :rolleyes:

So it was a constant battle for me. On Saturday, I took both of them to the library and to New World for some quick grocery shopping. I actually went there to post my sakura bloom ringsling. Someone from BCDU in Oz bought the sling.

We had a great time at the library. In the afternoon we went to Dr Sazali's house for iftaar.All went well apart from my husband was called back to the hospital so he had to leave us there and came back to pick us up later

On sunday, I took the kids to the lake. I wanted to go to Dutch Festival at Hamilton Garden, but Aiman said he wants to go to 'the playground with lots of toys' So I know he meant the lake. Other playground won't cut it! So I had to forego the Dutch Festival :( because I know even if we went, he will not cooperate and I will be miserable

We had a great time, but the usual dillemma happened, Aliya wanted to play with somethingelse and Aiman wanted to play somethingelse, that is the thing that I hate about the playground at the lake because it is I was torn. All in all we had a great time though. We were there for almost 2 hrs and half and I only went home when he asked to leave! That means he was truly tired! A very rare occasion indeed.

Aiman is such a sensitive boy. I occasionally raised my voice at him as I was stressed, I wasn't even shouting, only a change in tone. At the very slightest sign of me changing my tone, he will say..mummy, stop marah me, with tears welling in his eyes..quite funny but he will keep repeating it till I got quite annoyed LOL

He hasn't stop using that phrase since..