Sunday, September 13, 2009

House hunting...

It looks like me will be here for a few more years and now that I have find out for sure that I will be starting the GP training programme in Waikato region, we are planning to buy a house.

Initially thought we were going to buy around the hospital area,but since we like newer houses, it is hard to find something that we like around the hospital so we have broaden our search to north Hamilton..hmm lots to think about, Aiman and Aliya are both really happy with their respective carers. Aliya especially, Janifal, her childminder is really good. But if we don't live around the area anymore,it will be hard to send Aliya to her espcially if I don't work in the hospital anymore.

We have viewed a few houses so far....haven't found anything suitable yet..fingers crossed..

Gotta go and cook, I've invited Janifal and family to come for iftaar at our place today. I am planning to cook bubur lambuk, cucur badak and murtabak for appetizer, nasi tomato, ayam masak merah, daging masak merah and kerabu carrot and kubis for main course. Dessert? makan buah saja la.. hihii..

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