Monday, October 18, 2010


Here I am, sat at the library trying my very best to digest what am I reading from Orthopaedic Examination Made Easy..Hip and Pelvis chapter precisely

Musculoskeletal is my weak subject..anatomy and understanding of MSS go hand in hand..I am terrible in both..

Here's hoping that PK, my teacher will have some pearl of wisdom for me tomorrow and he won't think I am an idiot..dah la dia ni mmg terer gila MSS, DR for Waikato Rugby lagi..dapat student buta MSS, nasib ler heheh..But for me, Alhamdullilah..last week we went true knee exam, sekejap saja paham after I did it   with
him..That's what the expert are for!

Till then..yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn...........

I am progressing, albeit at a snail space..better than no progress at all right??

Weekend aritu x study sgt sebab dear DH was working

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