Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am soooooooooo happy. I received a welcome email from my 'future' supervisor in South City Medical Centre. Apparently I will be placed under her for my 1st attachment. My 2nd attachment will quite likley be rural, but will deal with that when the time comes.

For the last week I have been talking to Noorwan if I should contact Waikato Region coordinator and asked to be placed near the hospital, but I couldn't think of a practice around this area that involve in registrar teaching plus I have been procrastinating. Little did I know South City is one of them! I haven't got any official letter from the co-ordinator yet..but I presumed my supervisor has!

Why am I soo happy? Because it is just a few mins drive from the hopsital. We will be moving to Rototuna soon, if I work somewhere that is quite far/opposite direction from the hospital, my DH would have to drop both kids to daycare/childminder. On the day that he does long day, I would have to come all the way to pick up the kids. But since my placement is near the hospital as well, we can all come in one car in the morning and drive home together, Alhamdullilah

I have decided to keep Aiman and Aliya where they are now.Aiman is fairly happy with Lollipops and Janifal, Aliya's childminder is very nice. I am hoping to complete my GPEP in one year, sit for the exam in Dec next year. Aiman turns 5 next year and will start Primary School sometime in January the following year, then I am hoping to start part timing from then. I am hoping to do 9-2 or something like that. That way I can drop both of them to school/daycare and finished in time to pick him up from school.

So far evertyhing seem to fall into place rather nicely.

I am so grateful to HIM for his help. I don't know what I have done to deserve this. Alhamdullillah


aNa SuZaNa said...

salam..thanks sbb dropping kat blog saya..tq..

~ f i d ~ said...

Sama-sama :)