Monday, November 9, 2009

We've gone unconditional!!

On the house..

I really hope we have made the right decision.

We need to move, have outgrown the house. The kids need the outside space.

After we made the offer. We started the process of obtaining the builder's report, LIM and sorting out the finance.

Finance was approved on Friday . We got the LIM last week. Donna our solicitor said there was no issues with the LIM. However there was a hiccup in the building inspection. The inspector, Terry found a leak on the ensuite. Luckily the house is still under warranty. So the contractor was called in and quickly started to remedy the problem. They had to rip the wall apart and found a leak on the shower mixer tap. We had to ask for extension to ensure that Terry is staisfied with the repair work. He went round again today and said the moisture reading has come down and he is happy with it. So we went unconditional today...

Need to start packing..the hardest bit..But we are looking forward to move. More space for the kids and the other big mega bonus is we dont have to content with our annoying k3ling neighbour again wohooo..Though in the new house, the house at the front of our house is k3ling as well. Hopefully they are not as bad..menyampassss.......