Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lost online..

Who's lost?? ME? YOU? US?

Meant to blog about this ages ago but never got around to it..It is always in my mind though everytime I am online..

One of the registrar presented this in our Journal Club (Mental Health)

Basically it is about the new modern society's addiction "INTERNET"

I can say I am one of them. I just love internet. Can't live without internet.

It all started when I was in Dublin, I took a long unpaid leave, before and after Aiman was born. I moved to Dublin from Scotland to be with my husband (we were living apart then). Apart from him, I didn't really have any friends. I stayed at home, so internet was my way to communicate, to ease my boredom. Then I discovered all the forums and what went downhill from then....After he was born, I was even more isolated, I wanted to go out shopping etc, but since hubby used my car to go to work, I had to use public transports (even if I had the car, I wasn't brave enough to drive in Dublin)

Aiman would cry, typically whilst we're on the bus/tram. So, although I wanted to go out, I avoid public transport as much as I can, I even resorted to walking to town occasionally! So we were trapped at home. Again internet was my way to communicate. Overseas board at CARI then was really lively. There are always someone to chat to. I still missed most of them.

For me, reading parenting forums with other mums posting similar problems/challenges to what I am/was facing, really reassured me that I was not the only one facing the problems. It made me feel normal!!!

Then, both my kids hate sleep!. I would use the laptop whilst feeding them on the bed, putting aliya in her hammock etc etc..I was always online...

My life is not complete without surfing the net..

Things like Facebook, blogs etc are not helping as well. It is nice to read updates from friends all over the world

Back to the journal club, we talked about how some people, americans especially want to formalised the diagnosis, they want "internet addiction" to be on DSM IV criteria. They are especially interested in this beacause American Health Industry is mainly driven by insurance, so if there is a formal diagnsois, then all the 'treatment' costs can be claimed from the insurance company, hence more people will take Cognitive Behavioural Therapy like counselling etc..$ big dollar for the provider! Though if we start to medicalised everything, where do we stop?? How about other addiction? Addiction to coffee? Addiction to hanbags *wink* *wink* etc etc etc..

We also talked about what attracts people to internet. Content? Communication? Isolation?

Kena batang hidungku sgt2

If the contents are presented similarly in other form ie books/magazine, will I still be interested, me?? Maybe not..