Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Specialist or Generalist??

Hmmmmm.. when I decided to do medicine, I thought I wanted to be an Obstetrician. I just love the specialty. I still do. But since we decided to have kids 1st before completing my exams I have realised that I have to sacrife A LOT of my time with my family if I want to pursue it ie-be an obstetrician. Lots of on calls, weekends, nights etc. Honestly don't know how I would manage with the kids without any family support whatsoever, esp since DH is studying as well

Having done 6 months of paeds attachment, I am surprised to say that I love it as well!! Well if you know me at med school, you'll know that I hate paeds!! I sulked big time when I was allocated paeds med at Elgin Hospital as my medical run in final year. Still remember those days!!

But again, doing paediatrics means a lot of work, I think it is hard since both of us are doctors. Juggling our long days and weekends so they don't clash etc...

Hence I decided to try pathology..tapi ....lambat la pulak Waikato Hospital nak dapat accreditation!! Buhsan dah buat house surgeon/sho jobs..

Sampai la satu hari ni, my collegue Vidya tanya, x apply for GP training ka? They are opening right now (this was last month)..macam it meant to happen la pulak because I never looked on theGP website, x tau pun nak tgk kat mana..

so balik la discuss ngn my DH, kalau ikutkan dia mmg dari dulu he wants me be to be a GP, but I wasn't interested..I hate the stigma that is attach to it..dunno I feel like hospital doctors suka peleceh GP for sending silly cases..but YES kadang2 GP ni pun satu, nak lari dari kerja hospital, tapi x cukup experience, so entah apa2 la cases yg depa hantaq mai hosp!! I don't want to be those GPs. I honestly felt sorry for their patients. I want to be a good one!! AND I feel like people go to see the GP for sometimes ridicolous things and expect answers :rolleyes:

Anyway..I've applied..interview 5/8 ni..so we'll see..

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