Sunday, July 19, 2009

My kids and sleep

Honestly..the thing that I hate most about parenting/bringing up kids is when it come to putting them to sleep..

I dunno why but it is always difficult to get them to sleep and stay asleep. Aiman is not too bad now that he is bigger, but getting Aliya to sleep at night (and during the day) is still a battle. She needs me (or rather my boobie) to put her to sleep. It gets tiring after a while. I have not had a break from this putting kids to sleep thing ever since Aiman was born. Even when I was doing night shift, I had to put Aiman to sleep before I left the house.

When Aliya was born, I vowed that I will not fell into the trap of feeding her to sleep, but lo and behold..when I went back to Malaysia on my own with the kids, out of desperation because DH wasn't there to help, I fell into the trap again....

It is very tiring... I need a break...

As I am typing is almost 1030pm, I had put Aliya to sleep earlier at 7pm because she was sleepy, he usual bedtime is between 8 to 830pm. She was asleep by 730pm, so I thought..yay I had a few hours to do what I want to do. So I cooked caramelised chicken wings for tomorrow's dinner..then I heard her voice upstairs!!!!!! Crying at the gate..arghhhhhhhh..

i've been trying to get her to sleep since..

It's sunday night and I was hoping the kids will sleep early so that I ca have some time to myself, catch up with housework etc..sigh..

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