Friday, July 31, 2009

It not work

hahhaha apa tu??

As Aiman would say, Mummy 'it not work' he means "It's not working'

It is very interesting seeing how Aiman's English language is developing. We always try to speak malay at home.We want him to be able to speak both languages fluently. So when Aiman went back to Lollipop(his daycare) after I finished my maternity leave, the teachers said he was very quite initially. He played with his friends, but he won't talk. Now after a few months there, I can see that he is more confident in speaking in english..BUT, it's funny, it's like broken english

In some ways it is reassuring for me to find out that even those who speak English as their 1st language still have to learn the grammar. I always find English grammar very difficult to understand. I didn't have strong basic in english, I went to sekolah kampung, the teachers can't teach high level stuff, other students simply won't understand, staying in kampung also meant my option for English tuition are very limited, non existance in fact LOL. So I spend many hours trying to learn and understand the grammar on my own. One of my reason for wanting to study oversea was to improve my English. Weird huh..I guess I was brave, always the risk taker. Am very glad I did.

I would not say my english now is perfect, but much much better than what it used to be.I do still struggle some days (or is it most days????)

Going back to how we are hoping for Aiman to be bilingual, sometimes he gets confused and will mix them up hahah..quite funny like 'surat khabar' will be 'news khabar'

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