Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Since having kids we find it really hard to have time together as a couple. We work in the same hospital, so whenever possible, we will try and have lunch together, our catch up time so we could have uninterrupted conversation.

Lately, we been going out of the hospital to have lunch. See I am doing home hospital, I have a mobile where the nurses can call me on and since my patients are all at home, I don't need to be on site for far we've been to Shinjuku, Curry Pot and Salma's Rasoi..

I would love to go out for dinner, but I feel guilty to leave the kids with baby sitter. Dah la siang kja, kena tinggal, malam/weekends pun nak kena tinggal jugak ke? But I do think it is necessary for us to have some adult time

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