Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bilaaaaa la nak sampai niii........

Hari tu masa pi Sydney, I went to the Rocks Market with the kids when DH was away at the conference. Masya Allah I could have spent a fortune there!! I love it. Lots of unique stuff. One stall especially caught my eye, tapi I resisted myself..nak jimat la konon since dah banyak spend duit jalan2 plus I have already bought a white leather coach handbag

Tapi bila balik dok asyik teringat2 la pulak..especially the shower cap tu, tiap2 pagi mangkit nak mandi mesti teringat2 :) so I said to myself, bila masuk kja balik, I will try and see if I can find their website..Cari punya cari tengok2 jumpa..
so I took the plunge and ordered:

Sunglasses case -Japanese doll/pink

Shopping Tote with Zipper -China doll

Keychain -Streets of Paris

Shower Cap-Cherries Black

Mini Hot Water -Red star (yg ni free)

So 2 weeks after I put the order, sampai la bungkusan on my doorstep, PUNYA la happy..bukak2 tengok2 dia silap hantar barang hu3..They've sent me other customer's order!!!! Frust gilaaaa. Org tu order eco tote and shower cap in strawberry sundae plus 2 luggage tags..

Huwaaaaaaaaa..after several emails to them, minah tu ask me to post the item to the original customer, she'll pay the postage plus will give me some voucher for the trouble..I bet dia pening kepala, ya la ..barang tu patut hantar ke Queensland, hentam pi hantar ke NZ, and now I have to re send it back to Oz..hmmmmmm

Lepas tu dia kata my stuff next week baru sampai..huwaaaaaaaaaa

I want my shower cap esp....

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