Friday, July 31, 2009

Snap-ez Eco-trainers

How could I be so excited about training pants?? I used to use cloth nappies when Aiman was a baby, but switched to disposable when we moved from Dublin to NZ. I sold most of my stash. I only kept 4-5 bumgenius. Have since sold the bumgenius as well.
We never thought we would see the day that Aiman would be toilet trained LOL because he always cheekily refuse whenever we asked him. One day, Robyn, his teacher at school just say, do you have some undies for Aiman at home? Just put some undies in his bag tomorrow tomorrow and I am going to try and trained him...Wallaaa..he wets his pants initially and soon realised that he doesn't like that sensation. He has had a few accidents since, but overall he is very good. I bet if we are the one who insist it, he would still refused.
Since now that he is a big boy, he is reluctant to wear nappies at night but of course he is not dry at night yet, if he is anything like me, it'll take a while yet LOL
I only have 2 cloth trainer paints at the moment,happy heiney and bummis. I bought another one recently from littlepickles, I thought I want to support local business, but I'm returning it tomorrow. I don't think it will work seeing that the hidden PUL inner only cover the wet zone, I think it will wick.Quite disapointed though because the designed is really funky.
Lots of people on diaperpin, diaperjungle and TBW rave about snap-ez trainers, so I took the plunged and ordered one to try. Can't be bothered to waste my time trying different brands from NZ. Seeing that NZD is quite low at the moment, it works out about $40+ NZD for one trainer ..gulp..quite expensive huh? ( I added extra snaps for greater adjustibility -$4extra) comes with a medium soker but I don't think it'll last him through the night, so just ordered some bamboo inserts from wigglebums. Hopefully this combo will solve my problem since it is pullups style.At the moment Aiman is not too fussy having to wear his 'happy heiney' but mummy don't like it because it is poofy!! Hopefully snapez is better, so I can sell the happy heiney :) Sounds expensive at the moment, but buying Pullups drynites at ~$1.30 each is more expensive. These trainers can be used for Aliya as well and I can maybe still sell it afterwards.Ayat nak bagi sedap hati :)

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