Thursday, April 29, 2010

Air Ambulance

Sitting in my favourite spot in the library trying my very best to finish off my Pneumococcal Vaccine vignette, my concentration was disturbed by the sound and sight of the air ambulance. Another air ambulance just arrived, undoubtedly bringing in another emergency patient. The helipad is just accross the libarary, hence I can hear it very clearly. Each time I hear the sound, my heart sank, thinking of the casualties, patients/cases that would occupy the ambulance. Another accident? Another dying baby? Someone in labour with a prem baby? Waikato Hospital's catchment area is very big, so all the urgent cases are normally transported by air ambulance. We also sometimes use the ambulance to tansport urgent cases to other hospital as far as Christchurch Hospital if we don't enough beds/incubator for babies etc..

But aside from that the air ambulance is a big source of entertainment for my son and his friends at their daycare which is also right accross the helipad. The kids will be jumping up and down, excitedly waving at the helicopter, even Aliya who occasionally comes accross the helicopter when she comes to pick up 'aman' loves the helicopter.

They're having an open day on the 2nd of May, from 10-2pm for fundraising and to raise awareness to the local communities. We're hoping to take both Aliya and Aiman there.

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