Thursday, April 22, 2010 am I gonna take multitasking to its limit?

Without burning the candles at both ends??

It's only been an hour since I got home from playing badminton, in that space of time, I have

-Hung 2 loads of washing
-Folded one load of washings
-Tidied up the living area + kids toy room
-Tidied up the kitchen
-Semi cooked dinner for tomorrow- only need to celur bihun balik kerja esok
-Blog hopping LOL

Important things that I need to find time for

1)Study of course

2)I want to go to that quilting class sooo badly. My aim is I want to be able to quilt before balik malaysia - Tapi aii ni menjahit pun x reti tauuu!! Perasan nak belajar quilting hahhahaah..Kena tangguh sampai habis exam la nampaknya

3)I need to make some time for regular sports! Need to practice what I preach plus need to lose that excess baggage

4)Weekly Study group with my GPEP friends

5) Plus finding some time for regular social time

6) Anglesea!!

7) Need to complete my audit before August

8) Prepare for the weekly seminars

On top of being at work fulltime , being a wife and a mummy and a student! Haiya..ini macam punya busy pun berat boleh naik ka?? Nampak sgt I am an emotional eater. Maybe I spend too much time eating LOL


fireflies said...

wahhh larat lagi update blog.. saya balik semalam dah kepenatan gila.. dari 730 sampai 945 mlm main badminton.. tak sedar diri sungguh...lani dok sakit2 badan ...

~ f i d ~ said...

haha..fid kalau exercise sebelum tdq mmg susah nak tdq..adrenaline rush..