Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recipe for oral rehydration solution

Ohh boringnya tajuk hari ini..but I thought I'd share this for the benefit of sesapa yg tersinggah kat blog ni..

Hari ni cuti, cuti ganti for the extra shift that I have to do at Anglesea Clinic, so mai la library, nak study la konon..alhamdullilah, not too bad, reasonably productive. Pagi tadi mai library seawal 8 pg, kalau ikut hati nak mai lambat, tapi memandangkan nak mai sekali with incik hubby untuk jimatkan petrol yg $1.96 seliter itewww.., so kena la mai sebelum pukul 8 sebab dia masuk kerja pukul 8

Dan la study seround, then pukul 10 pg pi kuaq minum kopi dgn rina n k hanim, pehtu, balik semula ke library arnd 1pm

Amongst the things that I read today was infective gastroenteritis aka Diarrhoea..

Dalam dok study tu la that I came accross this recipe for oral rehydration solution by WHO (World Health Organization) I guess this recipe is aimed for those in 3rd world country who can't easily get access to medication, but I think it is quite useful for us to know. Very simple

1L of clean drinking water/cool boiled water
8tsp of sugar
1tsp of salt

Just dissolve the salt and sugar in the water and have your homemade rehydrati0n solution! The only thing is, the 'proper' rehydration solution will replace pottassium as well, but looking at the ingredients I don't think this solution will, but a banana or two (if you can tolerate it) will take care of the pottasium

Don't forget to keep the solution in the fridge!

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