Saturday, May 29, 2010

The C word..


Dreaded by everybody

I am reading on breast cancer tonight..It brought back to me the memory of my autie who died of breast cancer last year. I happened to be in malaysia during her final months and when she died, it was sad. What saddened me most was a few weeks before she died,she told my mum (her SIL) that their life had just started to get better, and now this happened. They were quite poor, she had 6 children so had to do without a lot of the children are older, her life was much better..she didn't get to enjoy it for long..she was only in her mid fifties. Being the traditional kampung folks, they refused radiotherapy. Her husband took her home..she died within a few weeks of coming palliative, no pain relief..

My 1st proper encounter with cancer was during my very 1st job as an intern.

I remembered very well that this makcik was admitted under us for investigation of jaundice. Her liver function tests were abnormal. Her abdo ultrasound showed that she had growth in her liver. But only biopsy can determined the nature of it. Unfortunately her INR was quite high and the radiologist simply wouldn't touch her because she could bleed on table.

I still remember where her bed was, I had to bleed her daily, she was oedematous, her veins were no where to be seen..everyday we would chat as I looked for her veins..hoping, praying that her INR would drop below 1.5 so she could have the biopsy

I think her INR didn't come down in the end but the radiologist eventually agreed to perform the biopsy, we gave her vit K.

The biopsy confirmed the dreaded diagnosis..liver cancer

She deteriorated very rapidly..I still remember the room that she was moved to during her final days..I would visit her at least once a day whener I go past the room eventhough I know she was too delirious to recognise me..

She died just before christmas..she had less than 3 months from her 1st presentation..

Dear hubby is traning to be a radiation he sees cancer patients everyday and will bring home lots of stories..he was oncall today, had to tell a patient he would probably die tonight..he recieved a call about 1/2 hr ago from the nurses..he's dead..

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