Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why did you BUY me?

We had guests for lunch today. Hubby's workmates. One of them is Nicola, she just completed her exams and is now a consultant. After thay had left, I asked hubby, how old is Nicola, he said 38. I know her pretty well. So I said, hmm..she probably won't be having any kids then. She has no partner currently. Hearing this conversation, Aiman asked me..

A-mummy why does she not have any kids?

M- Some people don't want kids

A- Why??

M- Not sure what to say, but thought it might be a good idea to say something along this line--because kids like you make a lot of mess, don't listen to their parents yada yada (with the intention to get him to not make the mess, listen to me etc etc)

A- Why do you BUY me then?? Why don't you let other people BUY me??

M- Speechless..sedih pun ada..x tau nak jawab apa..I said, I didn't buy you darling, I gave birth to you..

A- What is birth??

M- Scratches her head..


makcikrehan said...

Good one Aiman! Hahahaha....

~ f i d ~ said...

Dia ingt aku pi beli dia kat pasar malam kot..zaman dulu2, line up kat market..pilih mana nak..ohh MR, hang dah baik demam, aku sambung pulak..arini x pi kerja ni..