Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why the cake is GREEN???

It has never occured to me than Pandan Cake should be any other colour than GREEN, well that is if you're Malaysian I guess. Today was my turn to bring morning tea for our weekly Wednesday Seminar Programme and I decided to bake PANDAN CHIFFON CAKE . I thought, cake is not so alien to mat salleh's tongue, but yet I can subtly introduced the asian flavour of the cake.I baked 2 cakes, but only brought 1 and 1/2, partly because I selfishly want to keep some for me to enjoy at home but actually it was because my lovely Aiman had peeled and eaten 1/2 of the crust from one cake!

Lakshmi, who is malaysian was the 1st person who saw the GREEN cake in the kitchen and she immediately asked if it was my turn to bring morning tea and did I bring pandan cake. So I said yes.I should have realised then since it was that obvious!!

Then when it came to tea time, Amy 1st saw the cake and she had this weird look on her face and she immediately asked why the cake is GREEN, LOL..Then I realised that whilst it is very common for us to have GREEN bingka, ketayap etc..mat sallehs don't really 'do' green cakes LOL..

Then I had to explain about how we traditionally juiced the pandan leaves to add it to our dessert for flavouring hence we get the tinge of colour

Peter, our visiting teacher even asked me,why the crust is brown, not GREEN?? LOL, I don't know, never thought about that!

At least they all love the cake, to Laksmi's disappointment, not even a crumb left! She was eyeing for some leftover to take home..I need to bake more for our playdate this weekend

Sorry, I am too lazy to take new just have to make do with pictures from my foodie blog


fireflies said...

hehe tak sangka pulak matsaleh pelik tgk kek kaler ijau ek..

Fidz, kek Fidz ni sangat mengancam jiwa.. mmg sangaaaaaaaaatttt Sedap..lepas ni nak balik buat la.. tp tatau la bila.. malam ni malam esok or malam sabtu hehe..

~ f i d ~ said...

Memang semua org pelik tgk kek tu kaler hijau!Tapi depa sangat la suka makan, siap suruh buat lagi. Jenuh nak explain kat depa pasaipa dia hijau..lawak la pulak..nani ada acuan ka? nak pinjam? kalau nak ari jumaat nik fid bawak

Syigim said...

i SUKA GILE kek ni! i bole makan sebijik kek tu haha byk kali kalo ppl ask "what cake u want ah for ur bday?" i nk cake ni but ppl think i'm joking hihi.......

...and you can BAKE it???? wah!

~ f i d ~ said...

syigim-thanks for dropping by. Actually x susahsgt nak buat cake tu, cuma ada byk pantang larang sikit, as long as you follow all the tips yg I bg tu, insyaAllah mesti jadi. Tapi kena pakai proper acuan lah..cari acuan for Angel cake. ps: Baru balik asian shop, terjumpa frozen durian belanda and nangka, tgh defrost ni, nak test tgk, best or not, dah berzaman dah x makan durian belanda he3