Monday, May 17, 2010

Pukul satu tiga puluh lapan pagi..

It's 1.38am. I am wide awake. Body is tired but mind is racing. I think it's the mocchachino that I drank at Lollipop Playland earlier this afternoon. I normally don't take caffeinated drink after 6pm for this very reason..but it was 5pm and I only drank 1/2 a cup!! The rest kena pow by Aliya and Aiman. Sigh..looks like I have to avoid caffein after 4 maybe from now on..
Guess who's going to be a walking zombie tomorrow..
Sleep hygiene ohh sleep hygiene..(ohh that reminded me of my audit yg x siap2 lagi tu)


JJay said...

kul baper leh tido?:)

~ f i d ~ said...

dekat pukul 4 la jugak..dah la the next day nya konon2 igt nak amek half day, sekali x dapat sebab my appointments semua fully booked sampai ptg, byk patients..nasib baik x letig sgt