Monday, May 10, 2010

Maybe this is part of the reason why I am feeling down lately??

Tadi chat dgn Tehsin, kawan kat university dulu, kebetulan dia tegoq kat FB . Before I left Scotland dulu dia baru nak start buat GP training, so dah a few yrs jugak la dia jadi GP.

Tanya dia macam mana, dia suka tak jadi GP, dia kata ok but sometimes it can be a bit lonely..yesss..that is what I am experiencing right now..sekarang ni, apt only 15 mins, mana boleh spend lama2 borak kosong, byk lagi patients dok tunngu kat luar, sekejap sgt, ngam2 untuk sort out the problems ja, no banter

Kat hosp dulu, even busy, there are lots of people to chat too,time clerk in patients, ada gak masa borak2 merapu dgn patients, with nurses..borak2 yg geng2 Dr lain at lunchtime..tapi sekarang, people have their breaks at different times..kalau borak pun..aduhai..cerita pasal news. weekend activities..sekadar berbabasa..that's why we all love our Wednesday Seminars..apart from mmg th teachings are normally good, tu la masa kami catch up sesama sendiri...gossiping etc..

I think I enjoy Anglesea a lot more. So maybe next yr buat half Anglesea half permanent kot?? Tapi Anglesea kira macam locum, only 1/4th of the hr saja kot contributed towards my training hmm..need to find out more about it..

Normally I know if I like my work or not based on how I feel bila bgn pg, kala rasa looking fwd nak pi kerja, ok far..belum rasa macam tu..tapi x la x suka, just not excited..not like when I did Home Hospital or Psych..time tu best, good bunch of nurses and collegue. I like tues and fri sebab my teacher ada, tapi hari dia x dak, macam boring sikit, sebab semua org lain busy with their things

I guess that's why I am turning into FBing and blogging a lot more now..I think I crave the social interactions

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